Cannabis Sativa Products




About Crucial Hemp

Crucial Hemp has been producing high quality cannabis sativa products since 1991.  The founder Denny Finneran became inspired when Jack Herer told him there was more to do with cannabis than smoke it.  In those days, there was one importer of hemp textiles to the US and only a handful of pioneers making hemp clothing products or creating new markets for hemp twine and rope.  In 1993 a group of producers including Crucial Hemp organized, the term "industrial hemp" was coined and  the first industry trade organization known as The Hemp Industries Association (thehia.org) was formed. In 1994 Crucial Hemp developed a suit jacket that was used by a state house representative Fred Maslak in the state of Vermont to help convince fellow legislators in that state to pass the nations first state law which legally recognized industrial Hemp.  Crucial Hemp continues to work towards creating new and innovative products that utilize hemp.